Øystein Runde Jr. (1979)

Ramnkjell Runde's oldest son is currently unemployed, but contributes regularly to the monthly youth magazine Spirit. Other than this he has written a short autobiographic story, 'Akershus Festning' which was illustrated by Henry Bronken and Firuz Kutal and published in jippi comics' anthology Forresten 17.Although somehow lacking in talent, Øystein Jr. has shown an impressive ability to profit from his name and contacts, and his family has not yet given up the hope that he will one day make them proud.


The dialogue of the following strip, ´Mollycoddle cow´, is:
Cow: Moo. Moo.
Boy: That´s a nice cow.
Cow: Moo. Moo. Moo.
Boy: Yes. Nice cow.
Cow: Moo.
Boy: Yeeees. Nice, niiice cow.
Cow: All right kid, what are you after?
Boy: Tongue. (blushing)
Cow: Hahaha! Nothing worse? Come here, young man!
Cow: ...Now you can be glad you took yourself time to mollycoddle cow!