Øystein Runde Sr. (1921)

Having lost both legs in a motorcycling accident in 1944,Øystein Runde Sr. has a sparkling vitality that sets him apart from most functional people his age."I decided I couldn´t sit on my butt for the rest of my life. Of course, I DID end up sitting on my butt for the rest of my life. But at least I almost learned to draw," the 82-year-old chuckles modestly. The self-taught Runde has been a freelance political cartoonist for years, and wrote and drew all 14 Bjartmann cutout animation films from 1959 -71. Although a Bjartmann dvd has been rumoured, a legal conflict involving Norsk Rikskringkasting and the many voice-actors of the films has slowed down the process.

His most recent venture into comics started as late as 2001, is called Margarin and combines the everyday struggles of a Norwegian small-town family with unthinkable horrors. Think Jim Woodring and
Dave Cooper growing up next to David Lynch in the bizarre christian-socialist state of Norway, and you'll be disappointed. After all, no comic book could be as cool as that. Or could it?

Critics ranged from "comic art on a high level" (Hilde Østby, Dagsavisen) to "incomprehensible (...) genuinely disgusting, (...) sickening" (Morten Harper, Aftenposten) Norwegian absurdist comedian
Kristopher Schau writes Margarin together with Øystein, and has called the cooperation "one of the finest things I've been involved in". Øystein agrees: It's fluid, like a second marriage... Kristopher is a genius trapped in the body of a moron, which makes him a very interesting young man.
We've had a break because of all this rock star work he´s so fond of, but Margarin should come out as a book in 2004. My family hopes it doesn´t, though. As long as it's unfinished, I´m going to have to live... (chuckles)

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