Ramnkjell Runde (1958)

NEW: Saga of Olav Sleggja was released 2009, to great acclamation!

SCANDAL: Ramnkjell Runde was revealed to be a pseudonym for "Řystein Runde", a 30-year old who looks nothing like the other people on this website.

POSSIBILITY: Did Řystein create this website in 2002 to force himself to finish Saga of Olav Sleggja, and to fulfill his dream of becoming not one, but three comics artists when he grew up?

ANSWER: We may never know. The rest of the website remains as before Sleggja was finished.

History teacher and martial arts enthusiast Ramnkjell Runde lives in beautiful Ulsteinvik at the west coast of Norway with his wife and three children. On clear days, he can see all the way to his ancestors' island Runde. In between work at Ulstein High School he tries to make time for his dream project, a Viking comic called ‘Sleggja'.

“I simply wanted to create an action-filled Viking tale that felt like the Norse sagas. And the sagas are much more over the top than most ‘historical' comics. As is reality, of course. For one thing, a Professor Jesse L. Byock has suggested that Egil Skallagrimson, the famous poet and Viking, suffered from a rare bone disease, Paget's Disease, that made his skeleton grow thicker all his life. It perfectly explains the Egilssaga´s description of Egil´s unbreakable skull and his other strange features. This is a man who can stop an axe with his forehead, he is an actual historical person, and nobody has made him a comic book hero. I'm wading knee-high in good stuff, my lack of talent would have to be exceptional if I should manage to make this comic boring.”

The first 13-page installment of ‘Sleggja' appeared in issue 8/2003 of the Norwegian edition of Conan the Barbarian. The graphic novel "Soga om Olav Sleggja" will be released in Norway 2009.